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Visa Type: tourist


Processing Time: at least 20 days


Visa Processing Fee: AUD190.00


Assistance Fee: Regular - ₱3,000, VIP - ₱5,000


*Apply 3 months before intended travel date.

*Visa and processing fees may change without prior notice due to currency volatility.


Easy Steps to Apply:
Press the “Book Now” button and pay the Assistance Fee.
Once payment has been confirmed you will be contacted by our Visa Assistant Officer to determine the visa requirements applicable to you. However the general requirements are available under visa assistance page.
Download the required link, fill up all the information and send it to


  1. Travel Documents

    1. Provide evidence of your travel document. This may include a certified copy of the personal particulars/photo (bio-data) page. This is the page of the passport which shows the name and date of birth, passport number, issue and expiry date, and photograph of the holder.

      If you do not have a passport and cannot obtain one, please provide a certified copy of your Document for Travel to Australia (DFTTA) or a Titre de Voyage (Convention Travel Document).

  2. Evidence of the Financial Status and Funding to Visit

    1. Provide certified evidence of your ability to support yourself financially while in Australia.

      This may include:

      • your own financial documents and documents from others who will be supporting your stay in Australia.

      • bank statements and payslips demonstrating a consistent savings history and/or regular income over time. For example, the applicant can attach bank statements or payslips covering a three-month period.

      You should also provide evidence of your own financial status, even if a friend or a relative is funding your trip. Your own financial status is a factor the Department considers in assessing whether your personal circumstances would encourage you to return to your home country.

  3. Evidence of Planned Tourism Activities (provided by Travel Right)

  4. Evidence of the Applicant's Previous Travel

    1. Provide a copy of the applicant/s' passport pages that contain evidence of previous travel to countries apart from Australia, such as entry / exit stamps or visa labels. 

  5. Evidence of Current Employment, Business, or Self-Employment

    1. Provide evidence of current employment.

      This could include a letter from your employer stating your current role or a copy of your employment contract.

      If you are applying for a Visitor visa, you can also include payslips and confirmation from your employer that you have approved leave.

      If you are self-employed, provide evidence of your business license or registration and any other supporting documentation you have to demonstrate your role.

  6. Family Registration

    1. Provide evidence of your family composition.

      Fill up this: Form 54 - Family Composition

For any documents missing, please provide an explanation letter.

The embassy may request additional documents after submission.

Links and Files

Application Form
Download PDF • 467KB

Form 54
Download PDF • 291KB

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