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South Africa

Visa Type: tourist


Processing Time: at least 7 working days


Visa Center Fee (payable at the Visa Center): ₱2,525


Visa Processing Fee (payable at the Visa Center): ₱2,180


Assistance Fee: Regular - ₱3,000, VIP - ₱5,000


*Apply 3 months before intended travel date.

*Visa and processing fees may change without prior notice due to currency volatility.


Easy Steps to Apply:
Press the “Book Now” button and pay the Assistance Fee.
Once payment has been confirmed you will be contacted by our Visa Assistant Officer to determine the visa requirements applicable to you. However the general requirements are available under visa assistance page.
Download the required link, fill up all the information and send it to


Note: Please be advised all documents should be printed in A4 paper


  1. Passport, (valid for at least 30 days after the intended stay/departure date from South Africa; at least Two unused/blank visa pages)

  2. Two recent (not older than 30 days/1 month) passport size, (35mm x 45mm of the picture) photographs

  3. Fully completed visa application form-11 (DHA-84) – must be completed in black ink and block letters.

  4. Application form-11 (DHA-84) must be signed by the applicant and signature should match the signature on the passport. Click here

  5. Vaccination certificate, (yellow fever) if applicant will travel through or stay in yellow fever belt. For the latest Yellow Fever Policy please Click here

  6. Proof of financial – 3 months bank statement, certified by bank and not older than 7 days from the time of application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  7. There must be 15 working days before the proposed flight itinerary;

  8. Round trip airline ticket reservation. No fixed flight arrangements should be made until the visa has been attained.

  9. Proof of hotel booking or accommodation.

  10. All supporting documents should be duly certified by the Police in South African Commissioner or Commissioner of Oaths.

  11. Invitation letter from host in South Africa must be signed; (Certified proof of billing, ID etc.)

  12. Marriage certificate, where applicable (For verification purpose applicant needs to carry the Original Marriage Certificate at the time of submission at VFS center)

  1. Copies of passport bio-data pages

  2. Original covering letter signed by the applicant stating the name, passport number of applicant(s) and duration of visit. Letter must have the physical address, as well as contact details of authorized signature’s name, designation and signature (should clearly mention who will bear the expenses of the trip), outlining the purpose and duration of visit. Letter must be certified/ notarized.

  3. For foreign passport holder, copy of work visa/ residence permit in Philippines (valid Philippine visa).

  4. For Minor Dependent Children

  5. 11.2 Visa applicant, copy of curriculum vitae

1. Documents such as Parental Consent Affidavit form for which the link is below, passport copy of parents as well as child + Unabridged Birth Certificate of child must be carried for Parental Consent Affidavit procedure. In case of death of either parents’death certificate has to be produced. In case of death of both parents the procedure has to be carried out by legal guardian and death certificates mandatory of both parents to be produced. In case of divorce the legal divorce documents has to be produced.

2. Affidavit less than 3 months old as part of the application. Originals should be kept for their records while travelling Minors who apply for a South African visa at VFS service-point shall be required to submit the attested copy of Parental Consent to South Africa.

3. If unabridged birth certificate is in local language than English translation affidavit must be produce along with local language unabridged birth certificate.

Photo Specifications

Applicants, submit your Application form with the photo format, as explained in the photo requirement.

Download PDF • 518KB

Download PDF • 433KB

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