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Visa Type: Tourist
Processing Time: 5 to 7 Working Days
Visa Fee: Free
Assistance Fee: ₱ 950 for single, ₱ 1,450 for multiple
*Visa  and Processing Fees may change without prior notice
due to currency volatility.
Easy Steps to Apply:
Press the "Apply Now" button and pay the Assistance Fee.
Once payment has been confirmed you will be contacted by our Visa Assistant Officer to determine the visa requirements applicable to you. However the general requirements are available under visa assistance page.
Download the required link, fill up all the information and send it to
General Requirements:

Download Link:

  1. AUTHORIZATION LETTER(claim_file).docx


  3. Checklist

  4. Day-to-Day Itinerary

  5. Japan Multiple Entry Visa Request Form

  6. Letter of Guarantee

  7. List of applicant

  8. Visa Application Form_1674700193


  1. Duly accomplished and signed application form (printed in A4 size paper)

  2. Two 45x35mm colored picture (white background)

  3. Original passport (6 months valid)

  4. Original bank certificate and statement of account (valid for the last 3 months)

  5. Copy of latest income tax return

  6. Original PSA authenticated birth certificate (issued within a year)

  7. Original PSA marriage certificate (issued within a year - if married)

  8. Original authorization letter (for visa filing and pick-up)

  9. Daily schedule in Japan

Notes and Other Requirements:

For Employees:​

  1. Original employment certificate (must include applicant’s position, date hired, compensation, office address, landline numbers and e-mail address)

For Company That Will Shoulder The Trip:​

  1. Letter of guarantee signed by the sponsor

  2. Copy of guarantor or sponsor's valid ID

  3. Original bank certificate of the company

  4. Copy of business documents and ITR of the company (If employed, company alphalist. If self-employed, receipt from accredited bank of BIR).

For Business Owner:​

  1. Copy of business registration from DTI or SEC

  2. Copy of business permit or mayor’s permit

For Students and Minors:​

  1. Copy of school ID

  2. Original letter of guarantee signed by the parent or guardian

For Retiree​

  1. Copy of senior citizen card or retirement documents

  2. Original letter of guarantee if senior is dependent signed by spouse, children or sponsor

For Foreign Nationals:​

  1. Copy of i-card​

Additional Requirements:​

  1. If the trip will be shouldered by another person unrelated to the applicant, a proof of relationship is required

  2. If the applicant has a used Japanese visa, he will be exempted to submit a birth certificate and/or a marriage contract

  3. If the birth certificate and marriage contract from PSA is unreadable, or if there is no record, submit the below as additional document/s:

  • Original certificate of non-record and;

  • Copy of Birth certificate from the local civil registrar

  4. If the birth certificate is late registered, submit the below as additional document/s:

  • Original Baptismal certificate (issued within 3 months)

  • Original School record (form 137) Elementary or High School (issued within 3 months)


  1. Additional requirements may be required by the embassy without prior notice.

  2. Personal appearance is not required (unless the Embassy request for it).

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